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Backups are vital. Keep your data safe.


Backups - Protecting your vital data

Gideon-IT can install a backup system that keeps you safe from computer failure and data corruption.

Have you ever lost some critical data from your PC?  Lost your holiday photos, your emails, a vital spreadsheet or document that you've been working on for days?  Have you ever accidentally deleted a file or overwritten a file with the same name?  Has your PC ever just failed losing everything?  Is your paid-for music collection protected?  Hard drives can fail without any notice at all, but with an automatic backup system you needn't lose anything  and it doesn't have to cost thousands or even hundreds of pounds.

For laptops or PCs this means an inexpensive portable hard-drive and some simple software to ensure everything on your PC is kept safe.  If you have a network in your office then a drive big enough to backup all the PCs can be set up on the network and each PC can backup to the same backup drive.  With a second drive they can be swapped daily to ensure one backup is always kept off-site: protecting your data from fire, theft or other disasters.

If you have a server then Gideon-IT can recommend and install a suitable backup system and software to protect your business from catastrophic data-loss.

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