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Windows Vista - End of Life


If you last bought a PC between 2006 and 2009 it probably came with Windows Vista on it and Microsoft ended support for it in April 2017.

Vista was almost universally loathed and was the biggest failure in Microsoft's history, until Windows 8 claimed that dubious honour, and now many third-party software companies consider Vista to be obsolete, just like it's predecessor Windows XP. Almost all software companies have dropped support for Vista and Windows 7 already and are considering Windows 10 to the be the oldest supported Windows version.


If you have a Vista PC it is time to upgrade. Technology has moved on a lot since Vista was launched. I would strongly suggest making plans NOW to replace your machine or to give up on Windows and move to Linux.

If you only use your PC for browsing the web, email, storing digital camera photos and basic document creation (letters, home spreadsheets etc) then Linux Mint would be an excellent choice. For simple systems Gideon-IT will do this job for the bargain price of £30. If you require Microsoft Office, iTunes or specialist Windows software then a new PC running Windows 11 would suit you better. We can migrate all your emails, documents, photos and other data from the old PC to the new one.


Please ask Gideon-IT for advice on what machine(s) would be best for your needs.

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